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Had this thought this morning. So far this thirty-something time-frame is freakin awesome! In the last year or so I can’t help but notice all my buddies are creating fantastic, impressive stuff — Books, Art, Businesses, Collectives, Babies. It’s like all that optimism, all that confidence we felt in college is manifesting itself into general amazingness. Guess we just needed to tunnel through those twenties first.

Stay tuned for examples and evidence of general amazingness.

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And at the end of the day, I’m pretty convinced that etiquette is in large part about knowing when other people might give a shit about your opinions (which is, let’s face it, almost never) and knowing how to stop projecting yourself all over other people’s lives.
QFT from what will surely be one of my new favorite things on the Internet, Don’t Do This. (via bookavore)

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sometimes i remember i have the right job

E-mail Exchange This Morning…

Me: Professional rambling

Author I respect/have literary crush on: Witty kind response

Me: (hopefully) witty kind response Part II

Author I respect/have literary crush on: “Thanks Amanda. You’re nice. Hope to see you soon.”

Me: Blush Squeal and archive e-mail.

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St. Patrick’s day seems as good a day as any to celebrate the generations of hard working, creative people I come from. While many of the stories are vague, whispered or untold, it’s clear there’s a long line of people fighting for the under dog and sometimes thriving as the underdog. Feeling blessed and lucky to have such a rich life and I’m thankful for the people who paved that road for me. Mom? I’m looking at you.

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On Saturday night, we went up to Hastings.on.Hudson to celebrate with our good friend, Alison. This band, Red Baraat played the party. Great fun! The celebration was for the grand opening of The Purple Crayon Center for Learning and Social Innovation. Alison is on the board and she’s the resident artist. Check out her awesome blog. I was so inspired to see tons of people in the community turn out with excitement and support for a place that promises to foster creativity.

It was a weekend filled with inspiration. I also spent Saturday at Word in Brooklyn and Sunday at Three Lives in the west village.

The best thing, though? We turned the clocks back. I know a lot of people felt robbed of an hour of sleep. It’s my favorite day of the year, though. I love the longer days.